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Is team efficiency also a challenge for you during these times of rapid changes? Do you want to optimize the human performance of your management team?

Fly Right Training provides tailor made team building and assessment for non-aviation professionals.

Based on the principles of crew resource management in aviation, we teach you to develop an efficient communication strategy, a structural way of information processing and problem solving. This will give you and your team the necessary tools to thrive in different and high demanding environments.

Are you an aviation professional? As a mechanic, cabin crew, ATC controller or light aviation pilot, you can get tailor made training in our simulators. In partnership with our main holding "Euramec", we offer integrated simulator hardware and training packages.


Tailor made flight simulator training packages

Unique "Euramec Fly Right" methodology: integration of simulator hardware and training packages.

Tools & Team building for management teams

Our team building covers 7 different topics and is based on "Aviation Crew Resource Management".

Online & flight simulator.

Courses for aviation 


Threat & Error Management Training for Light Aviation (PPL) - Drone Pilots.

Simulator training for cabin and maintenace personnel.


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