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About us

Fly Right multi-purpose training center

Welcome to our multi-purpose training center!

We look forward to work with you!

"Fly Right" is a new and unique training concept that adds true value to your flying center. With professional teambuilding, FlyRight courses and activities are built around emergency procedures and methodologies.

Trainees and experienced pilot live an extraordinary experience using professional flight training devices (FTD).

We provide tailor made simulator programmes and training with our team of top experts.

At our home base in Hamme, Belgium you can experience our courses live.

Our history

            FlyRight at a Glance

  • Multiple aircraft simulators (from GA, over BA to airliners)
  • Unique Fly Right methodology derived from aviation regulations and real-life incidents
  • Programs for virtual flyers, private pilots and professional cockpit crew
  • Dedicated training for ground-based aviation professionals (ATC, mechanics, ground handling, etc.)
  • Teambuilding programmes for non-aviation professionals
  • Modular courses, ideal for refresher training
  • Continuous development in new/upgraded simulators, training modules
  • Franchise system with attractive earnings
  • Full support from professional simulator manufacturer Euramec
  • Worldwide Support





Euramec was founded in 1991 in Belgium and was initially active in the sourcing and trading of printed circuit boards, displays and electronic components. The company worked for well- known telecommunications and automotive customers and was also involved in the production of particular devices.

After having established an office in Singapore, Euramec got involved in aviation in 1996 as the agent for Techspace Aero. Euramec won contracts with regards to the maintenance of F16 engines for the air forces of Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

The success in this activity led to more contacts in the aviation business, resulting in a complete shift towards flight simulation from 2010 onwards. The activities in electronics were moved into a sister company and Euramec started to focus on the development of flight training devices.
The group’s main software development takes place in the headquarters in Belgium, electro-mechanical and mechanical development is done in Portugal.

Euramec's vision is to create professional flight training devices with capabilities that go beyond current market offerings.

Our objective is to make training focus on more drill down capabilities for trainees and pilots, reducing the individual cost of pilot training yet steadily improving their skillset. Therefore "Fly Right" Training was founded.

Our team

Bert Buyle

Bert Buyle CEO Fly Right Training

CEO & Founder

Nancy Vermeulen

Nancy Vermeulen Chief Training Officer Fly Right Training

Chief Training Officer

Maricel Cambaling

Maricel Cambaling Customer Service Fly Right Training

Customer Service

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