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"Fly Right" simulator training for ATC, cabin and maintenance personnel

Fly Right Simulator Training for ATC, cabin and maintenance personnel

Threat & Error Management Training (TEMT) for Light Aviation (PPL) - Drone Pilots

What does it take to become a safe pilot?

What are the skills required?


Since the environment in which a pilot operates is dynamic and has the potential of changing rapidly, the pilot must always stay mentally "ahead" of the aircraft.


Threat & Error Management Training (TEMT) is a tuned-in Crew Resource Management program for you.


The simulator training sessions are based on AOPA UK sets of emergency scenarios including engine operations, collision avoidance, Wing contamination/icing, thunderstorms and ATC, turbulence, forced landings, spatial disorientation, single-pilot IFR, fuel management and other critical issues.

We work with Airlines, Business Jet Operators, OEMs and Aviation Training Organisations (ATOs) to provide robust and reliable assessment programs. To ensure our clients realise cost savings and optimise their success in terms of training and recruitment.

The program includes unique aircraft familiarization, aviation communication and scenario-based training.


  • Multiple FTD platforms (GA, BA to A320 and B737)
  • Unique Fly Right™ methodology designed around EASA, ICAO rules
  • Learning from real-life incidents

Threat & Error Management Training Fly Right Training

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