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EURAMEC "Fly Right" Franchise Program

Take Off with EURAMEC "Fly Right" – Engaged Solution Partners


EURAMEC "Fly Right" is available to franchise buyers as a profitable service offering.


Invest in a strong business and branch out your operations to increase your revenue potential with "Fly Right" towards the business community in your region.


EURAMEC "Fly Right" is in tune with the business needs for both aviation professionals as companies operating in various industries in your region. Our franchising solution enables every franchisee to become the leading force in the market by being the "first mover" in your region.


With your EURAMEC "Fly Right" franchise, your business will capture an existing market and open up new markets as well.


Highest Quality Guaranteed

We follow the guidelines set by EASA and IATA in our test construction and documentation. We are always thorough and place the highest value on constructing scientifically valid tools. Our systems provide full traceability and auditability of assessment results, from candidate and assessor responses all the way through to the assessment report.


Continuous Development

Our HR focused and technical teams are integrated to ensure our solutions are ready at any time. They are also constantly refining and customising our modules along with creating new content to support clients with selection for new roles.


Staying in control

You always have access to your assessment results and reports. The results are readily extractable and transferable.


Safe and Secure

We are committed to protecting client and candidate data and comply with the Data Protection Act and GDPR. We can provide you with valuable data to support your ROI on recruitment and training success.


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