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High Level Team Building

Optimizing human resources and team efficiency is a challenge that every company is facing in these times of rapid changes and challenges.

Team building experiences in aircraft cockpit simulators using cockpit resource management and line-oriented flight training have been useful in exposing inter- personal conflicts and performance problems in flight teams.

Based on the principles of CRM in aviation, we will give you and your team the necessary tools to thrive in different and high demanding environments.


Module 1: Communication

Today we live in an era where there exist more ways of communication than ever before. Despite this, never was communication so difficult and inefficient. This results in higher workload, more mistakes, parallel processes working against each other resulting in frustration, anger and conflicts. By giving some practical exercises based on scenarios in the aviation sector, you will get a different insight in the communication process.


Module 2: Information gathering and processing

Information processing is the process of receiving information through the senses, analysing it and making it meaningful.

In this module you will learn about interpreting data, structuring information, primary focus, priority setting and situational awareness.


Module 3: Problem Analysis

This module continues on module 2 and will give you some analytical tools to structure and prioritise different problems.


Module 4: Decision making process

How to make appropriate decisions in different and challenging situations?


Module 5: Stress management

Problem solving under time pressure.

How to deal with errors?


Module 6: Team spirit, leadership, motivation & peer pressure

What “drives” human behaviour?

How to support and encourage your team members?

Leadership and followership.

The art of listening and patience...

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