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High Level Team Building

Our "Fly Right" team assessment is now available for companies operating in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Transport, Aviation, Energy, Construction, Industrial Goods, Automotive, Chemicals and Utilities.

High Level Team Building in the Business Sector

Optimizing Human Resources and Team Efficiency is a daily challenge that every company is facing in these times of rapid changes and challenges.


EURAMEC has developed "Fly Right" for Business, based on Cockpit Resource Management and Line-Oriented Flight Training which since long have been useful in exposing inter-personal conflicts and performance issues with flight teams.


Thinking outside the Box

Based on the principles of Cockpit Resource Management, "Fly Right" is now available to companies that want to increase their sales in a smart and forward-looking way through an Assessment of their Corporate Organizational Culture.

Team Building Topics


Module 1:


Use effective communication skills to achieve your performance objectives.


Module 4:

Decision making process

Make a step-by-step deliberate decision by organizing relevant information and defining alternatives.


Module 2:

Information gathering and processing

Collect facts and put them into perspective. You will learn a structured way to gather and process information.


Module 5:

Stress management

Solve problems under time pressure in a safe and efficient way.


Module 3:

Problem Analysis

This module continues on module 2 and will give you some analytical tools to structure and prioritise different problems.


Module 6:

Team Spirit – Leadership – Peer Pressure and Motivational Skills

The core skills needed to manage your team!

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