Team Spirit - Leadership - Peer Pressure - Motivational Skills

Module 6: Team Spirit – Leadership – Peer Pressure and Motivational Skills

Leadership involves creating a compelling vision of the future, communicating that vision, and helping people understand and commit to it. Managers, on the other hand, are responsible for ensuring that the vision is implemented efficiently and successfully.

This "Fly Right" Module focuses on successful delegation of tasks to your team, and that starts with matching people and tasks.

A key role as a manager is to motivate team members. The most effective way of developing a sense of price and accomplishment in your team members is regular feedback – positive and negative – allowing everyone’s performance to improve.

Communicate effectively with people inside and outside the organization and manage discipline are highlighted in this module.

Team Building Topics


Module 1:


Use effective communication skills to achieve your performance objectives.


Module 4:

Decision making process

Make a step-by-step deliberate decision by organizing relevant information and defining alternatives.


Module 2:

Information gathering and processing

Collect facts and put them into perspective. You will learn a structured way to gather and process information.


Module 5:

Stress management

Solve problems under time pressure in a safe and efficient way.


Module 3:

Problem Analysis

This module continues on module 2 and will give you some analytical tools to structure and prioritise different problems.


Module 6:

Team Spirit – Leadership – Peer Pressure and Motivational Skills

The core skills needed to manage your team!